Welcome to Coffee Love Bug (Mission 1)

Unfortunately the coffee love bug has encountered another troublesom error. There was talk of this error leading to some of the most elusive sex for money scandals the FBI (Fanny Bay Inn) has ever seen. I mashed the keyboard in my frustration the likes of a polish scandal. Deeply frustrated I madly surfed POF (Plenty of Fish) in hopes of a quick encounter sadly the typical problem solvers were there. I hoped for something more perhaps this was a job for 50 shades of Pay a novel by... Never mind. Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy obviously if you met this professional you would know and remember instantly the salacious nature of quick to the point "Helpers". I knew I needed something more, Perhaps a Mocha Frappacino was what I needed. Again who are we kidding here I am the cheapest fellow around.It's a investment opportunity. I went for hours and hours about how difficult this would be for a senior that despises the internet and computers. But I tried explaining it over and over again. First things first your going to have to buy some bitcoin and its a conspiracy to make this process as difficult as possible. Not everything has to be illegal for it to be profitable. Next we will describe how difficult this process of buying " Tokens " is and if achomplished proves you really love this... Again sadly looking for unconditional love is all this process allows. Remember this isn't a security so its not subject to security legislation. Blah Blah Blah yes please buy tokens I doubt anyone has the ethereum. Its so much work Sigh... Buy tokens or Buy a Book Maybe your into the Dark Web?

Obviously I'm selling Coffee Pots

More reasons to yet again ignore me. Long time of again whats a few hours of time wasting perhaps I should make a job of it. Still trying to sell tokens it will be a cold day in hell before I sell all 400,000 tokens.

More people more problems. Why is this so embarissing sadly you could buy some new tokens to hit the market I hope I don't have to explain this again.

  • I dont understand
  • Its a conversation for others?
  • Decencitizing the environment

Special Offers

Again some amazing text that makes no sense. I better finish this beer and call it a day.